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Anointed Video: We are One!

December 7, 2011

We  have a great family and a rich Christian heritage. Watch this video and let your heart swell with the Father’s pride for His Kingdom on earth.

Today, most Christian churches (denominations) and their members consider themselves to be one in Christ, yet different, much like an arm is different from an eye. None of us can say we have the full revelation of Jesus Christ. But put us together and we make a whole picture of Jesus!

Personal Reflection

While I watched this video I saw Christendom from the Father’s perspective. I saw so much potential for the world if only the Church would become one. Personally, I felt connected to the whole Body of Christ. I felt empowered in this unity despite living in a world that is growing darker and more hostile to Christians with each passing day. As the world gets darker and darker, I believe the Church will grow more united because Christians will realize there is strength in numbers. As such, we will begin to focus on our similarities rather than our differences.

Then suddenly the Spirit of Intercession poured through me as never before. I began to cry, groaning with the heart of a Father who longs to see His children living in the Love that is indicative of who He is.

Has the Lord been speaking to you about unity lately?

Christians need to embrace one another. We can only do this by getting healed of the wounds that feed the pride and prejudice that so readily divides us.

© Tracey Nelson

Many thanks to “United Christianity” on YouTube for this inspiring video… awesome music!

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