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Forgiveness by Kamillo Edwards

March 5, 2013

Please comment and let this young lady know you were blessed!

You see the rain, it’s in the sky.
You see the pain, it’s in the eyes.
Like a grown man to minimize.
At midnight you can hear the bitter cries.
Love & hate, each has a thin line.
I see you swallowing all the pain & pride to pretend its fine.
At times you wish if only you could have seen this ahead of time,
You would avoid all the pain that you feel inside.
You can’t sleep, all the memories, crying out to God like “Would they ever leave?”
Lord remember me, I need the remedy,
Lord I don’t wanna feel like I’m sleeping with the enemy.
This whole thing is bitter sweet;
I should forgive since Christ has forgiven me.
Well at least I know that in my head,
But it’s so much easier [done than] said.
It takes time, minutes pass;
Erase the lines, you finished last.
Because you keep submitting to what’s in the past.
Now you’re going through this cycle like a plastic glass.
I know it’s a process, healing takes time while you’re still trying to get pas[t] what that person did.
Now you’re feeling like a monster explaining to the one above  everything your mind said.
It cut you & hurt you;
God knows everything you been through.
How you’ve been bruised, yes he’s in tune;
He says forgiveness is the healing [of those] wounds.
So you have to let it go,”let it go!”
It’ll kill you if you let it grow.
Un-forgiveness is a poison the choice is yours,
I’m just a voice here to let you know.
Your flesh says; I can’t forgive, can’t forget.
They apologized, you can’t accept.
You demand respect, imagine that;
When every time you sinned God canceled that.
And every time Christ has forgiven you, every time you’ve eaten a piece of that bitter fruit.
I know you’ve been used, been abused;
I’m not in your shoes,
But I know if you dig up the bitter root,
Show em love to overcome,
God says ‘Love your enemies’, it’s part of growing up.
Don’t hold a grudge, I know it’s tough,
But if Christ forgives, died for our sins to give life though we [don’t] have the right to live.
Then we should know how to wave our rights to win.
Whether a family or a friend, you gotta show em love.
But then again forgiveness is your choice.
But if i were you i would choose Love.

Please let this young Christian know you were blessed!

*Also, please forgive the words in brackets… they are mine… in order to make the transition from the local “West Indian” dialect to American English.

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