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Which Title Do You Like Best for My Blog?

October 3, 2014

dirty-bride-of-christ2Maybe you could help me out. Which title do you like best?

-Healing Christ’s Bride

-The Spotless Bride (original)

-or something else (suggestions?)

Comment below to let me know the one or an alternative suggestion you like best. I like comments best, but please try my poll at the end of this article.

Originally, I started this blog because of how ugly Christians were being to their fellow brothers and sisters on the Internet. They did this just because they disagreed with their particular worship style or beliefs. Most of the time, these weren’t major, salvation-affecting beliefs either. We definitely need to have discussions about these things, but hiding behind a login name so a person can take pot shots at others demonstrates major immaturity and completely turns the lost off to Jesus.

Understandably, the sort of freedom that the Internet provides to Christians to express themselves without being held accountable may feel really good after facing so much frustration after trying to share their faith in the past. Instead, we are to “speak the truth in love” (Ephesians 4:15) to one another. This is what foster true maturity. Wounding others with our bitter frustrations only stokes up the fires of the flesh and repels people away from Christ.

bride-of-christI seek to use this blog to address the root of that sort of behavior, promoting healing, dealing with performance-based acceptance, encouraging people to become knowledgeable debaters in issues regarding their faith, plus any other issue that may cause people to feel conflicted with one another over their beliefs. We also discuss relationship problems, Christian unity and accelerated transformation. Ultimately, the hope is that my book will be showcased as a valuable resource for helping believers be transformed. With subject matter like that, what title do you think fits best? Thanks for taking the time to sound in!

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