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Positive Influence of Christianity

Benefits of Christianity

Benefits of Christianity

Purpose of this Section

This section will contain articles which will highlight the many positive influences Christianity has had upon the world. This will be done in an effort to help stem the tide of abuse that the Church has had to endure. In some cases this was done to minimize, if not, discredit these contributions for the purposes of silencing her voice altogether.

While engaging in a healthy critical reflection of the shortcomings of the Church* may help bring about church reform, this author seeks to bring balance to this whole topic by emphasizing how many benefits the Church has brought to Western Society; not the least of which include our most fundamental liberties and freedoms.

Most people do not realize that our liberty and democracy were won as the result of the freedom of human thought that was gained through the heroes and martyrs of the Protestant Reformation that insisted on translating and printing the Bible into English (and other common languages of the people).

Throughout Church history, even before and after the Reformation, Christians attempted to walk like Jesus Christ. Granted, not all had necessarily been made into “new creations” (having been born again, see John 3) because that teaching was, at certain points in time, not emphasized within the Church. Even when it had been, many people simply attended church because either they had been raised in that faith or it was a national tradition. At one point in history, Christianity had become quite popular. In fact, it had become the prevalent in all of Western thought and practice. In other words, it had been taken for granted. Therefore many people who called themselves Christian did not have lives that were truly regenerated nor hearts that were transformed. Nevertheless, even during those periods in history, there was a Christian standard by which all people in Western Civilization lived. Consequently, Christianity brought with it social justice, political reform, and the loving, charitable care of the vulnerable and weak of our society; the degree of which is not seen in any other society.

Yet Christians would accomplish so much more.

On this page I will attempt to provide you with an ongoing series that will, for one, compare and contrast the huge differences between those societies that are based upon Christian values versus those that are not. Hopefully in doing so, people will finally begin to see that the world is in great danger when the USA and other Western societies continue to allow people to challenge the foundation upon which their cultures were built. When they do this, they will have nothing left upon which to stand.

There are many who would seek to knock America completely off of her foundation, as they have managed to do in Europe and the UK. I am not sure, however, even those who call themselves atheists would really want that to happen, especially after they consider the information I will provide in this set of forthcoming articles. The foundation of the United States has already been severely weakened in that respect, but out of all those Western countries that would be considered world powers today, America is the one with the greatest hope of seeing things turned around. Her Christian foundation remains strong enough that it can still be resurrected. But this will require a concerted effort by the Church and individual Christians, particularly those efforts that work towards greater Christian unity, evangelism, and discipleship. My own contribution to these efforts include this blog and the upcoming book and curriculum entitled, The Exponential Kingdom which will equip the Church with the tools to do so. But there are other perfectly good tools available to do the same thing. They are just incomplete and must be supplemented with many other tools to do an adequate job in an effective and efficient enough manner to be both timely and focused upon these ends.

When one considers many factors such as the concerted efforts of Islam both behind the scenes and through its newly heightened campaign of worldwide terror (e.g., beheading on the home front), America’s Christian foundation is needed more now than it has ever been needed before. The secular humanists can’t combat this because they are confused by the multicultural agenda that, at first, seemed like a really good idea, but in the end, leaves American foundation-less, completely without anything to stand upon.

Now, before you jump to any conclusion, hear me out. I can see that happening because it seems that the greatest sin one can commit in our society today is to show any preference whatsoever, to any one group or ideology because we wish to remain fair to all by being inclusive of everyone. Once I elaborate, you will see that words are not to reflect a lack of fairness or inclusion. Look at the purpose of this blog and you will know that. The author of a blog which seeks to address the inner strife and immaturity that would use our differences to divide human beings would not promote intolerance. So please let me explain what I mean by how the good intentions behind the multicultural agenda was able to leave America without a foundation upon which to stand.

Is it Tolerance or Compromise?

The conflict I am referring to began after the Church took for granted its dominant position in America and her members began falling asleep. During the 1950’s the “good intentions” of a few clever people seeking to destroy Christianity, were able to challenge and overturn the U.S. Constitution under the guise of equality. They could only do this by twisting its words in an effort to confuse the Supreme Court regarding the original meaning behind the First Amendment.

Because the Church was content to allow America to become increasingly secular, it was not watching for the deception and manipulation that was about to take place. Somehow the public school and university system had failed to teach this nation’s future lawmakers the original intentions of this country’s founding fathers when they wrote this most sacred of all of America’s documents. Consequently, three centuries of Christian practice was removed from all governmental proceedings and ripped from the basic foundation of this country’s educational institutions. The twisting of words that I am referring to is the current misinterpretation of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution which does not even use the words, “separation of church and state.” Nevertheless, this became the reason the United States government started suppressing Christianity rather than encouraging it to flourish.

The True Intentions of Our Founding Fathers

To prove that this was never the intention of our founding fathers, all one has to do is to look around on the Christian decorations and words imprinted on her public buildings. Every governmental meeting was opened with a prayer. The words of the founders, themselves, stated unequivocally that a democracy without morality and religion was doomed. What’s more, the actions of the state said otherwise. Right after the Revolutionary War which was fought for our independence one of the first acts of the government was to print a Bible FOR USE IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS. This act was done partially in defiance of the church-state in England which required Americans only read their interpretation of the Bible and no other. This, my friends, was the real reason for the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, to guarantee our freedom to choose which ever Bible or denomination of the Christian faith we wanted to follow and not have that dictated to us by a church-state.

1299169_f260Many Atrocities are Committed with Good Intentions

At first, it is likely that the idea of breaking with Western Christian tradition appeared much more inclusive and ultimately a more “Christian-like” thing to do; and to a certain degree, it was! Freedom is very important to God. Being created in God’s image, an image that we learn through 1 John 4:8 is love, for “God is love,” it is because of this that humanity must never be forced into a relationship with Him. Without the freedom to choose, we simply cannot love. God would never be satisfied with slaves obedient to His rule out of fear. No. He wants children.

This Christian concept, which is foundational to liberty, freedom, and democracy, is not found in any other world religion or major ideology. Most atheistic regimes, for example, end up subjugating and murdering its people (e.g., Communism, Nazism). People often accuse Christianity of doing the same thing. And it appears that it may have during certain periods such as during the Crusades, the Inquisition, and the Protestant Reformation, but that is one area I plan to shed greater light upon in this series of articles to come. Nevertheless, these atrocities, and, yes, they were, indeed, atrocities, do not even compare to what was done in the name of atheism. For one, they were not perpetrated by regenerated, born again Christians but by a corrupt church-state, something our founding fathers, the Puritans, fled from, and sought to correct. But, even if you take that into account, the sheer number of murders committed in the name of atheistic regimes in only one century dwarfs those committed in the name of Christianity over its long, twenty centuries of practice. More on that later. Back to this discussion on what happened in the 1950s to bring this nation off of her Christian foundation.

One equally important value among Christians is to love others (once again love ranks supreme among Christianity’s tenets). Certainly this would include making others who come to this nation for opportunity and freedom to feel welcome and equal and not like second-rate citizens. As a nation, we would witness this push to secularize America during an era (in the 1950’s) when people were beginning to the challenge formerly held views on racial prejudice and gender equality was also beginning to come into the forefront.

When citizens of the United States began to witness violations of basic human rights and civil liberties on television through the media, they started to wake up and see the error of their ways. This was about the point in time that this idea of the separation of church and state began to take hold. It seemed to be in keeping with the idea that to offend anyone for having differences to us would be wrong. So despite having been a nation with centuries of Christian practice in the schools and public arena, we decided to “play nice” and quit allowing those practices, too.

But have you, as a US Citizen, ever asked yourself, why should the United States apologize for its Christian roots? We never see an official from a moderate Muslim country like Jordan apologizing for praying over their governmental proceedings, do we? No. We would expect them to. If I decided to live in Jordan, I should not demand that Jordanians change their ways to keep from offending me. I chose to live there. As an outsider seeking to be a part of the country of Jordan, there is something they have that is benefiting me. I have no right to insult their way of life by making demands upon them. I am sure if I did, they would show me the door and just say, “Get lost.”

Well, Christianity is a part of our nation’s heritage and identity. Of course, that doesn’t mean that it would be okay for anyone to force adherence to the Christian faith upon others. And we never have. Again, God gave us all a free will to choose however we wish. Nor should those that do not practice Christianity deserve any ill treatment from me for not participating in those practices. But our country should not have to change its ways to make everyone happy. Eventually, it will totally lose its identity and confusion will be the result.

We already know how removing Christianity from the public arena has had disastrous effects for American society as a whole. I will provide statistics in another article, soon. I also intend to include articles in this series that prove why it is actually a good thing that the majority of Americans are still Christian. I will make sure to explore what it was it like in this nation before Christian practice was banned from the public arena in order to compare it to what it is like now. But let me tell you the main reason why removing Christianity from America’s foundations will bite us in the end if something is not done to rectify this really soon.

Will America’s Lost Identity bring Confusion, Poverty, and Rioting?

costsandbenefitslogoConsider this. People from Eastern Countries chose to come to America because she was once great. But ever since we removed Christ from the schools and government, she isn’t so great any more. Still, we are way better off than most every country in the world. However, keep this in mind, when people seek to become citizens of the USA, they don’t want to see the America’s Promised Land turned into another Indonesia, Asia, or India. NO! They have come here to escape the filth, poor health care, abject poverty and crime they left behind. People come to this nation to partake of what this nation gained from her adherence to her original Christian values.

What standard will we live by now, if America allows itself to continue to get completely pushed off the very foundation upon which she stands?

Yes, inclusion is a good thing, as long as it does not include compromising basic truths to do so. Can you believe that some people think that America and Europe have had their hey day so it is time to take away from their citizens everything that these white “colonialists” stole from the rest of the world on their way to preeminence. President Obama appears to believes this way. Yet those who seek to equalize the playing field do not realize what will happen to the world if they succeed. Where would the world be today without its many political interventions, humanitarian aid, and loans that the United States gives to other nations and the world when there is trouble?

We have already witnessed the disastrous results that Communism and Socialism have had on basic human rights and morality. When atheist, Christopher Hitchens, used to challenge Christians by asking, if they could tell him anything noble or good that a Christian has done that an atheist has not also done? Usually, people are stumped and unprepared to give an adequate answer. To that question, I would make sure to point out several very startling facts.

Eastern Block nations that were formerly Christian nations were forced into atheism through Communism. Christians were murdered and Christianity suppressed as a result of their effort to become a totally secular society. Now, decades later, a visit to any Eastern Block nation would reveal the shocking effects this has had upon the moral conscience of those people. For one, you would almost certainly have something stolen from you if you left it laying around or worse. There is absolutely no reason not to steal, rape, or kill in atheistic societies with the exception of the prospect of being arrested. Being forbidden to practice the Christian faith for so long, many have become convinced they are just animals who need to practice “survival of the fittest” in order to get ahead in this life. Whereas Christians consider the next life the determining factor in their actions here on Earth. It is this survival of the fittest attitude that drives many atheistic regimes and dictators as well.

Sure, as mentioned earlier, many people like to point out all of the deaths that occurred at the hands of the state-run churches during the Crusades and the Inquisition. Yes, power does corrupt people. And the Church had become very powerful by that point in time. Nevertheless, the number of people killed by the Church over a long, 2,000 year period is only a fraction of a percent of all the murders that were committed in the name of the state under atheistic regimes in only 100 years. In only 1/20th of the amount of time Christianity has been in practice, the atheists managed to murder 100 million people in just a single century.

The primary purpose of this series of articles isn’t to rehash the whole Christian versus atheist issue, but to establish the fact that Christians were responsible for the creation of beautiful cultures full of wisdom, benefit, and philanthropy. These are societies we all still want to benefit from.

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